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Gold Testing Machine
We offer gold testing machines with user-friendly technology. They are well-designed for various gold testing needs. There are innovative and compact models available. They have modern detection technology and great capability.
Laser Cutting Machine
Laser cutting machines are fast, practical & cost-efficient technologies. They offer ultimate precision and stability with easy setting. The technologies effectively create simple to complex designs.

Laser Marking Machine
Laser marking machines give you clean, safe & effective results. They have been designed for high precision, efficiency and stability. Perfect for all types of materials, they engrave deep and fine.
Laser Engraving Machine
Laser engraving machines are versatile instrumentation, ideal for today's industry. It is appropriate for different applications or materials. The laser technology offers higher speeds, better production and accurate results.
CNC Base Machine
CNC base machines are computer-controlled machines. They are used for cutting various materials, such as steel, plastics, wood and composites. They cut effectively, efficiently and safely. The machines are perfect in details & specifications.

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